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Along with training officers in Guatemala, Argentine advisors are affirmed to have actually trained Guatemalan officers in Honduras. Argentine training of Guatemalans in Honduras has been vouched for by a defector from Battalion 3-- 16, Jose Federico Valle, who explained his training in intelligence in 1980.
The educational program provided to Guatemalan cadets by the United States Unique Forces throughout this period consisted of training in surveillance, small arms, weapons, demolitions, ambushes, "helicopter attack strategies" as well as exactly how to destroy towns. By 1983, it was also confirmed that Guatemalan army police officers were once more being trained at the United States College of the Americas in Panama. At the exact same time, the Guatemalan federal government was becoming enhancing separated internationally.
Coinciding with the election of Kjell Laugerud was the rise to importance of labor companies in country Guatemala, such as the CUC. When the CUC (Board for Peasant Unity) initially began organizing in the countryside in the early 1970s greater than 300,000 rural peasants left the Guatemalan altiplano yearly to service haciendas on the Pacific coastline to supplement their tiny incomes. The CUC was the initial Indian-led national labor company and the very first to unify ladino employees and also Indian farmers in a struggle for much better working conditions. The growth of cooperatives could be attributed to the fact that the new military government-- a minimum of externally-- appeared to support the facility of cooperatives and also unions to improve working conditions.
Valle was one of 120 trainees from a number of Central American nations who went to training courses provided by American, Argentine, Panamanian as well as chilean consultants. Valle claims that among these trainees were 60 to 70 officers from El Salvador as well as Guatemala. In October 1981, the Guatemalan government and the Argentine military junta formalized secret accords which enhanced Argentine engagement in government counterinsurgency operations.
As part of the agreement, 2 hundred Guatemalan policemans were sent off to Buenos Aires to undergo advanced army intelligence training, that included instruction in investigation. When Gen. Efrain Rios Montt confiscated power in 1982, the management saw an opportunity to warrant additional help for Guatemala, including a $4 million shipment of helicopter spare components. In October 1982, it was found that the United States Military Unique Forces were advising Guatemalan Army cadets in a variety of counterinsurgency methods at the Escuela Politecnica, the Guatemalan Military's main officer training camp. Captain Jesse Garcia, a 32-year-old Eco-friendly Beret talked to by the New york city Times throughout a training workout in October 1982, explained his work in Guatemala as "very little different" than that of US advisors in El Salvador. The US Unique Pressures had been operating in Guatemala since at the very least 1980 under the role of the Personnel Exchange Program, as well as were officially categorized as "English Instructors".
Of particular interest to the G-2 was the experience that the South Africans had in combating Cuban forces in Angola. This teamwork coincided with a time when South Africa appreciated warm relations with the USA and also Israel, both of which were key allies of the Guatemalan program.
He dressed ostentatiously as well as bordered himself with statues and paints of Napoleon, frequently talking about the similarities in between their looks. He militarized countless political as well as social establishments-- including the article workplace, institutions, and also chamber orchestra-- and also placed army officers in charge of many federal government posts. Throughout the 1980s, the Guatemalan knowledge services had concealed ties with South Africa. It is recognized that South Africa provided the Guatemalan government with armed forces advice as well as training in counterinsurgency tactics based on those the SADF and paramilitary pressures (such as the Koevoet) utilized in Namibia and also in other places.
At the time, the CIA was proactively sustaining the discrimination program's initiatives to threaten the MPLA government in Angola, primarily with its assistance of UNITA. Israel had actually additionally aided South Africa develop its own arms market at a time when it was coming to be significantly globally isolated.

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